We believe…

  • That locally grown food is critical to the future health and well-being of our communities.
  • That kids need to learn where food comes from and how to grow it, for themselves and for each other.
  • That teachers, parents and administrators agree with the above two assertions, but that they lack the dollars to build programs and projects at schools.
  • That our company should contribute to building a secure, local food system for the future.

So, our commitment is that…

We are going to take 2% of our gross sales in December 2017 to place into a Grant Fund focused on connecting kids to agriculture. We will also accept other peoples’ donations to the Kids in Ag Fund.

Implementation of the Fund will include…

In simple terms, Sunshine Coast schools will be able to apply for a grant from the Kids in Ag Fund for projects that connect kids to growing food. Possible projects can include, but are not restricted to, planting schoolyard gardens, purchasing tools, building greenhouses, farm visits and workshops, harvest events, etc.

Eligibility and Conditions…

  • Eligible Applicants: Teachers, Students, Parent Associations, School Administrators
  • Eligible Projects:
    • Must connect kids to ag in an educational setting/context
      • Kids – elementary or high school enrolled
      • Ag – involves the growing of edible/food crops (connection to local food security)
    • Must take place within SCRD geographic area
    • Must be completed within 12 months of project start date
    • Must supply a letter of support from school administrator
    • Leverage funding is encouraged, though not necessary, and must be confirmed before our funds will be disbursed.
  • Eligible Cost:
    • Nothing is off the table if it can achieve meaningful impact.
  • Funding Limits
    • $2000 max per project
  • Vetting Process/Criteria
    • Preference to student driven proposals
    • The bigger the impact the more we’ll want to fund it
    • Preference for projects with other partners (especially farmers)
  • Reporting Requirements:
    • Provide final report on project before end of 12 month timeframe that summarizes how the funds were used, the results of the project including key metrics indicating impact.  We also want to receive feedback about this funding, your project and what else is needed to improve kids connection to local agriculture and our food system.

Key Dates/Timelines…

  • Application Intake Opens Feb 1, 2018 – See form below
  • Application Deadline March 1, 2018
  • Funding Disbursed by April 1, 2018


Thanks for helping to connect kids to growing food!


To schedule a tour or arrange a gathering at the farm, please contact us at tastingroom@thebeerfarm.ca
Phone: 778-462-3007
1053 Stewart Rd Gibsons, BC